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Don's fans speak out!

From Linda Tilton:  Don Shorock is a man with a huge heart and A LOT of enthusiam!  He is a creative visual artist, whose flashy websites he has so lovingly created have given our Walnut Valley Family a sense of connectedness and community.  Don is a tremendous gift to our Family, and I am proud to call him a friend and a babe!  (Don created Linda's Fan Page.)

From Katie:  Don - YOU ARE SO COOL!!!!!!

From Roy:  That's a sentence I never thought I'd hear.  But then, Don DID go to Woodstock...

From Rex (reported by Roy):  Don will give you a yes or no answer - in 500 words.

From a different Roy:  That Don, he's quite a guy.

From Gary:  Thanks, now I know who to stay out of camera range of.

From Steve:  Finally someone has created a site for "the site guy".

From Paul:  [At Winfield 1998} Don somehow managed to be everywhere.  I overheard a security person ask him if he had clones working on his behalf.  Don said no, but he did bring a bicycle.

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This page updated May 29, 1999.