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In 1999, the weather in Winfield was beautiful until Saturday night.  A seasoned veteran, Cheryl didn't let torrential rains and lightening bother her.  Her favorite hat, however, was a casualty.

Roy and Lillie show off their home away from home, known in September as the Coffey Grounds.

The Walnut Valley Festival is held in Winfield, Kansas every September.  Acoustic musicians of all types perform, compete, pick, and camp along the banks of the Walnut River.  Folks often call it a "bluegrass festival, " but that is a bit limiting.  If you don't hear folk, Celtic, old-time, classical, singer-songwriter, country, gospel, and retooled rock and roll during the weekend, then you just aren't trying .  When members of the Winfield listserv tried to come up with a term to describe the kind(s) of music they heard at Winfield, someone finally said, "I just call it good."  Amen. 

Here are some links where you can find out more about the festival (and the campgrounds): 

The Official site -
Don Shorock's Unofficial site -
Paul Kislanko's Winfield Wide Web -
How to join Winfield-l -

Lest We Forget - The Original Coffey Grounds:

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