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About the Haimanns

Terry and Cheryl

Terry is a graduate of Simpson College and a chess fanatic.  His impending layoff in early 2000 (due to a corporate merger) inspired him to extend his job search to the Web as well.  Terry enjoys classical music and historical biographies.

Cheryl is a native of Kansas.  Since1981, she has been employed by the Des Moines (Iowa) Register.  She enjoys books with happy endings, many kinds of music, writing, and crocheting.
Together, they enjoy traveling, singing show tunes in the car, bookstores, church activities, and dining out.  They currently own five computers, running four different operating systems (including OS/2 and Linux - another one of Terry's hobbies.)   Their cat, Zeb, enjoys sleeping, capturing and killing Cheryl's old shoes, and eating Pounce Tartar Control Treats. 

Click here for a few photos from our Colorado vacation.

Artsy pic of Zeb in the window
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Updated 01 November 1999